Knowledge Q&A

Knowledge Guidance Answer all questions in full and complete detail. You can save and resume your Q&A. Your answers may be used to inform a professional discussion.

Skills Guidance

Skills Overview This task has been created to support your portfolio of evidence for this unit. Suggested evidence can be found within the task. Identify at least two of your own personal development goals and create a development plan (use Read More …

Session 2 – Time Management

Session Overview You should read the session on time management techniques and tools. You should complete the Q&A on the previous page. Should you wish to develop your knowledge further, additional activities can be found within this page. Off-the-job Activities

Session 1 – Personal Development

Session Overview Read the session to understand approaches to personal development planning for the workplace. Complete the quiz that can be found in this page. You should complete the Q&A on the previous page. You should have completed a SWOT Read More …