Online Skills Audit

Use this questionnaire to identify which skills you have already mastered and which ones you still need to work on. Remember, only you will see this so be as honest as you can. Marks are awarded as follows:

  1. A = 1 point
  2. B = 2 points
  3. C = 3 points

The audit will be marked out of 90 points. The higher your marks, the more confident you are in the skills listed within the audit. The lower the marks, the less confident you are in these skills. Once completed, go to the quiz report section on the main page and extract your answers in the excel report format. You should refer to column A, D and F.

Column A – the skills audit question

Column D – your response. e.g. answered 1 for A, 2 for B or 3 for C.

Column F – points scored.

You should upload this evidence to e-track.

Want to improve your skills? Download the below guidance.

The Skills Audit as well as time to reflect on your results and how you can improve these skills should take you approximately 1 hour.