Standards Workbook A – Job role, tasks and responsibilities L3


This workbook covers the knowledge and skills in relation to your job role and the roles of other workers, exploring areas such as duties and responsibilities, the professional boundaries and limitations of job roles, statutory standards and codes of practice, duty of care in practice and creating and monitoring support plans. You should answer all questions. This will be used as evidence for your e-portfolio.

Answer the following questions in full and complete detail. You can save your progress, so that you can resume work at a later time. 

We recommend you test the save and resume function to ensure there are no user compatibility issues. To do this, enter ‘TEST’ in the first two questions, exit the workbook completely and then go back into the questions to ensure it resumes at the next question. You will need to use your back button to check it has saved your test. If the save and resume function does not work, please contact LMS support using the mailbox provided on the home page.