Learner Support

Supporting you throughout your apprenticeship journey.

GP Strategies Apprenticeships offers information, advice and guidance on all aspects of apprenticeships. Your future is important to us and we’re here to help you make the right choices before, during and after your apprenticeship.

We have a dedicated team of skills coaches who will support you and monitor your progress throughout the programme to ensure everything is on track and on schedule.

You will have access to a number of support services as standard including:

  • Information, advice and guidance on your career options and local opportunities
  • Induction training and employment preparation prior to starting your new job
  • One to one coaching and regular workplace visits throughout your programme
  • Progress reviews on an ongoing basis with you and your line manager
  • Career and progression planning towards the end of the programme so you can be confident about your next steps
  • Support and guidance on matters related to safeguarding, health and wellbeing

In addition, if you would like information or advice on other matters such as housing, health, welfare, benefits, or access to any other specialist agencies, please speak to your skills coach and they will direct you.

Digital Skills

We encourage all learners to use IT where possible. Below are links to FREE software to help you use IT in your course work. We will also contact you via the email address you used to sign up – this will be the primary email address for you and your account creation.

GMAIL – By signing up for a GMAIL account, you also get GDrive for online storage, Google Docs for document creation, Youtube accounts, Blogger and a range of other tools available. Sign up for a Google Account today.