Information, Advice & Guidance

Pre-entry Information, Advice & Guidance

  • Impartial information advice and guidance on learning options available.
  • Learner initial assessment.
  • Employer training needs analysis.
  • Learner and employer evaluation.

On-going support

  • Learner and employer induction.
  • Health, safety and welfare risk assessment and support.
  • Equal opportunities and health and safety training.
  • Basic skill support, training, coaching and guidance.
  • Vocational support, training, coaching and guidance.
  • Additional support services guidance.
  • Programme review.
  • Learner and employer evaluation.

On exit progression and development

  • Impartial information advice and guidance on progression routes available.
  • Learner exit review.
  • Employer project review.
  • Employer and learner evaluation.

Throughout your programme you will have access to a range of free and impartial information, advice and guidance to help you with decision making about your course, qualification and future career progression. In addition, if you would like information or advice on other issues or services including housing, health, welfare, benefits, or other specialist agencies ask your assessor or tutor and they will direct you, or alternatively you can contact our Guidance Co-ordinator via contact us.