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Intent to Impact Excellence – Sequence

What is Equality and Diversity?

Equality and diversity, or multiculturalism, is the idea of promoting and accepting the differences between people. More specifically, equality is about ensuring individuals are treated fairly and equally, no matter their race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. Diversity is about recognising and respecting these differences to create an all-inclusive atmosphere

Read the FairChoice Flyer

Our fair choice flyer provides a quarterly round up of diversity news. Click on the link below to keep up to date with the latest diversity news

Equality and Diversity & Wellbeing and Mental Health Calendar

The purpose of this calendar is to celebrate and raise awareness and understanding of significant events for people who may identify with different diversity groups. Use this in your own workplace.

LGBTQ+ Guide to Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading

The LGBTQ+ community has a long and storied history, and that history is fascinating, inspiring and often challenging. While bits and pieces of those histories are told in education and through fiction, the best way to learn is to read and hear the stories. Read the below guides for more information:

Impartial Initial Advice and Guidance