Apprenticeships FAQ

How old do you have to be to be an apprentice?

The government has stated that all young people must stay in some form of education or training until at least their 18th birthday. Young people have a choice about how they continue in education or training post 16, which could be through an apprenticeship.

There is no upper age limit for apprenticeships and schemes are open to graduates. Apprenticeship standards are now available up to Level 7 – placing apprenticeships on a level playing field with university and degrees.

How much will an apprentice earn?

As an apprentice you are entitled to be paid at least the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for all the time you spend working. Time spent in training counts as working time. Once training time is included your hourly rate of pay should be at least what is shown in the table below:


Age and/or apprenticeship


Under 19 or in their 1st year

19-20 and 1st year completed

21-22 and 1st year completed

23 and over and 1st year completed

Pay per hour





You can call the Acas helpline on 0300 123 1160 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) for help and advice on whether the minimum wage is being paid to you correctly. If you wish to make a complaint about your employer, Acas will transfer you to HM Revenue and Customs.

Complaints can also be made online. To do this, go to

What is the holiday allowance for an apprentice?

As an apprenticeship is a full time job, an apprentice will get at least 20 days paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays.

How and when can you apply to be an apprentice?

Our enrolments take place all year round. Search our vacancy database to find a role near you and contact us.

What support is offered to an individual looking for an apprenticeship job?

Our team of Apprenticeship Consultants are on hand to support your child to find an apprenticeship suited to them. Whether that be initial advice and guidance, or interview preparation skills, we are here to help. Contact us.

What qualification will an apprentice get at the end of the programme?

Subject to the apprenticeship programme and level studied, learners will become qualified in a specific area and gain industry recognised qualifications where applicable. Degree apprenticeships are similar to higher apprenticeships, but differ in that they provide an opportunity to gain a full bachelor’s degree (Level 6) or master’s degree (Level 7).

Is there a job at the end of the apprenticeship?

Where an apprentice is on a fixed term contract, if they have performed well throughout the Apprenticeship, the vast majority of employers will indeed keep an Apprentice on as a full time employee.

What support do apprentices get with transport costs?

Apprentices are entitled to a 16-25 young person’s railcard. This railcard provides savings of a 1/3 off all rail fares, which can really help the Apprentices commute!
For Apprentices living in London, if you are aged 18 or over, live in a London borough and are enrolled with GP Strategies, you are entitled to an Apprentice Oyster card, which can save you 30% off tube fares.

To apply for an Apprentice Oyster card you will need:

  • Your Unique Learner Number (ULN)
  • GP Strategies Training Limited UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) – 10036952
  • A colour, digital photo to upload
  • An active, valid email address
  • A valid debit or credit card to pay the £20 administration fee

Your Unique Learner Number and UK Provider Reference Number will be supplied by GP Strategies Training Limited. Talk to us if you haven’t got these yet.

Do apprentices get access to student discounts?

GP Strategies offer a free NUS Apprentice Extra card to all apprentices, allowing you to access discounts on the high street and on other well-known brands.

Why choose GP Strategies Apprenticeships?

  • Ofsted – the education inspectorate in England has rated us a Good provider, with outstanding features
  • We have 96% learner satisfaction rates, with at least 9 out of 10 of our learners rating us as good or better
  • Over 85% of all our apprentices achieve their qualifications
  • Regular celebration of success events

What is Cognassist?

Cognassist is a system designed to help people learn. It does this by testing literacy, numeracy and six of the main areas (domains) involved in learning and thinking.  The results of these tests are used to create tailored resources for each individual. These resources help the individual learn strategies to overcome their difficulties. Cognassist has been designed by neurodiversity and cognition experts. It has been used by over 87,000 learners. 

What is e-track?

e-track is your online e-portfolio. This is where all your evidence will be stored for your apprenticeship. You will be assigned your own login details.